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Recent trends in deep foundation testing

About the presentation: There has been a significant change in the way pile foundations have been designed, installated and the various equipments that are available in the market. Until few years ago, a 1200mm diameter pile was considered a large diameter pile. However, in the last 2-3 years, pile diameters have substantially increased and thus it is now common to install 1200mm, 1500mm, 2m or even 3m diameter piles. Thus there is a need for the testing industry to keep pace with the current trends. Larger diameter piles need to be studied in more detail as not much past experience or codal requirements are available. The current presentation describes bi-directional load testing and high strain dynamic testing for large diameter piles. The presentation also describes static load test to 2600T which even today is not so common. Similarly, there has been a fundamental change the way SPT is computed on site in the last six months at few projects. The lecture also explains why SPT energy calibration is a requirement for the future and also that newer and more powerful rigs may result in fundamental changes in design. Advanced case studies in PIT or in CSL may also be discussed time permitting.

About the speaker: Mr. Ravikiran Vaidya, Principal Engineer of Geo Dynamics has been instrumental in popularizing the concept of Deep Foundation Testing in India. He has created a deep foundation testing industry and today Geo Dynamics is India’s biggest and well acclaimed company in this field. Pioneering methods like High Strain Dynamic Testing, Integrity Testing, Sonic Logging etc. for pile foundations in India has been his contribution two decades ago. His work has resulted in various sectors has resulted in the methods being accepted by all bodies including metro rails, Highways, Railways, and most bodies. Jointly with Dr. Jaykumar Shukla, he has also introduced and successfully demonstrated bi-directional load testing for large capacity piles which is yet another milestone for the country. Thermal Integrity Profiling and instrumentation have been his other contributions. He has worked on all almost all the prestigious projects in the country and in more than 20 countries worldwide including South East Asia, Africa, Middle East and the Gulf. He has written various technical papers on the subject. He is the authorized trainer of these technologies worldwide. He is the recipient of the prestigious Dinesh Mohan Award for Excellence in Professional Practice for the year 2018-2019 by the IGS. He is the national executive committee member of IGS and on the IRC and BIS sub-committee to form guidelines for pile foundation testing and is a member of various professional bodies. He has done his Masters in Structural Engineering from M.S. University of Baroda in 1994. He is also a half marathon runner and national table tennis player in seniors category.


Prof. Ashish Juneja (Secretary)


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